Waterton Lakes National Park is Worth Checking Out

Waterton Lakes National Park is Worth Checking Out

This quiet Canadian National park is located in the southwestern portion of Alberta, 3 hours south of Calgary. It is the smallest of the Rocky Mountain parks, and is located across a lake from Goat Haunt, Montana. (Yes, that really is the name!)  Goat Haunt is actually a region of Glacier National Park, and their are hiking trails in this area that connect the United States and Canada.

Waterton Lakes National Park is a relatively uncrowded park, and it is quite likely that you will see more animals that people. You will see that in the video below – love those bears!

Here is a nice intro to the park:

The structure you see in the video is the Prince of Wales Hotel, a grand railway hotel that has been designated a National Historic Site in Canada. You can find it at the Park’s east entrance.

The picture at the top of the page is taken from the Goat Haunt Overlook, and gives a great view of Waterton Lake into Canada.

If you happen to be visiting Glacier anyway, you may want to think about taking a trip up to this Canadian Park.

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