Tijuca National Park (Brazil) is the Largest Urban Forest in the World!

Tijuca National Park (Brazil) is the Largest Urban Forest in the World!

You can find beautiful city parks all over the world, but it would be hard to find one any better than Brazil’s Parque Nacional da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro. This urban forest sprawls over 12.4 square miles, and was designated as a National Park in 1961. This park was created originally as a way to help protect the water supply of the city, and is now thought of as the largest urban forest in the world!

Within the Tijuca National Park you can find the mountain called Pedra Bonita, which means “beautiful Rock,” at 2,283 feet. From the top you get wonderful views of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The picture at the top of the page is of Pedra Bonita.

Not too many people know about this granite mountain, and the views from the top are definitely worth the steep climb. It will take you about 40-45 minutes to hike to the top of Pedra Bonita from where it starts at Estrada da Canoa.

Pedra Bonita is host to a paragliding station, as well as hiking trails, due to the warm air that will let gliders to descend gradually to the beach below.

Pedra_da_Gavea_proche PDAnother mountain lies next to Pedra Bonita, called Pedra de Gavea (translated to “Rock of the Topsail”), more than 500 feet higher. It is not hiked as often, though, due to it’s steeper incline. Pedra de Gavea is the largest monolith in the world located on a coastline, and has been eroded quite heavily over time.

One of the interesting things about this huge rock is the inscription that can be found in the rock face, which is thought to be of Phoenician origin.

If you are looking for another mountain to hike, try the Pico da Tijuca, which is over 3000 ft high. This is a moderate hike of 3.6 miles, and the only place it gets sort of difficult is at the end, when you must climb up steep stone steps.

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