Teapot Dome Hike

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” ~ Confucius

This can certainly be said for the Teapot Dome hike just five minutes off Hwy 20 in Idaho’s Wood River Valley between the Mt. Bennett Hills and Mountain Home. For those who don’t know, this is a beautiful short trek best accomplished in the spring when the flora is at its peak and the temperature most comfortable.

Teapot Dome Hike

With a crest rising to 4,713 feet, Teapot Dome is sandwiched between the Mt. Bennett Hills and Mountain Home. The flat-topped butte dispenses panoramic views in nearly all directions, including south across prairie and desert to the entire front range of the Owyhee Mountains, and north to the much closer 7,438-foot Bennett Mountain and Mt. Bennett Hills.

A few things to note: First, there is no established trail to the summit. However, the open landscape makes off-trail route-finding relatively easy. Second, there are many small rocks along the hike, so be sure to wear sturdy hiking boots. Last, there is no shade. This is an excellent hike in mid-spring, when the yellow-flowering arrowleaf balsamroot blooms and contrasts with the nearby rhyolite cliffs.

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Although there is no marked trail, the prominent landmarks make navigation easy and with a moderate 400 foot ascent segment over eight tenths of a mile, the Teapot Dome hike is perfect for a short springtime getaway. Although not considered a challenging hike, it is always important to follow hiking best practices in regards to safety, equipment and hydration. A lack of preparation can turn a relaxing and exhilarating trek into a nightmare in short order!

Make sure to take your camera to capture the panoramic views from the top.If you’ve been on this trail, be sure to share your experiences with us in the comments below!

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