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Weekend Warriors: Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

By Lara Kaylor Many people would love to hike the entire 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, but many people also have full time jobs with 2-3 weeks of vacation per year so a six-month trek in the wilderness isn’t realistic. Instead, why not rack up some miles completing sections of the trail on the weekends? A good place ... Read More »

A Tale of Two Hikes: Hiking for a Cause

Hiking is a great thing to do, just for yourself. That is what Elisabeth Perry did when she hiked two solo thru hikes on the Colorado Trail. But she thought she needed more of a challenge, and started thinking about the Pacific Crest Trail. As recounted by Michelle Marx, Elisabeth was a student in need of an internship to complete ... Read More »

Hiking the PCT Alone

Hiking the PCT alone for weeks, or any other long hike on a trail that is hundreds of miles long, is not for the faint of heart. And for someone to do this with no hiking experience and virtually no preparation is pretty much – insane?  Not the smartest thing to do, that is for sure! But that is what ... Read More »

H is for Hiking Trails

In the A-Z of outdoor activities, H is for hiking trails.  The authors of the below article seem to have had some trouble deciding if the H belonged to some other activity, like horseback riding, but we all know that hiking is the answer.  It is the answer for relieving stress, for getting exercise, for putting things in their proper ... Read More »