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What are Characteristics of the Best Hiking Boots?

Few pieces of gear are more important for backpacking or hiking than your footwear. Hiking boots come in all shapes and sizes, and fulfill numerous functions on the trail. An improper type or fit will sabotage your hiking trip faster than just about anything else, inclement weather included. Below, we will look at the characteristics of the best hiking boots ... Read More »

Andy Hawbaker – Sierra SocialHub

By T.J. Fraser Hiking, like most endeavors, has its own “community.” We access this community in such ways as joining a hiking group, taking part in educational programs or just hitting the trail with a small group of friends. And, as everyone reading this knows, we can also “meet” each other online. And what do we want when we come ... Read More »

What are the Best Socks for Hiking?

I ran across a question on the internet the other day where someone was asking what the best socks are for hiking in different seasons – fall/winter and spring/summer. My first thought was that it was funny to lump those together because in the Colorado mountains I think of it as summer and the rest of the year!  We generally ... Read More »

What do you REALLY need to take on a hike?

Everyone has opinions on what you need to take on a hike, and what kind of pack to carry it in. But what do you REALLY need to take on a hike?  I really like his statement below that your hiking enjoyment is inversely proportional to the weight of your stuff… and couldn’t agree more. Pack smart and pack light, ... Read More »