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Like Beach Camping? Here are the Top 5 Locations in California

by Isabella Noyola If you’re interested in camping, to take your camping experience further, in California you will start looking for camping close to the beach or in the best-case scenario – camping on an actual beach. Meaning, you want to be put to sleep by the sound of crashing waves of the ocean and be awaken by the seagull ... Read More »

Elaine Smith

Elaine Fields Smith is an author/publisher in Central Texas with a talent for writing and communicating emotional and entertaining subjects. Humor is her specialty, but spiritual and adventure also figure into her repertoire. A non-tattooed biker chick, she can grill a mean steak and loves to go camping. Her first book, “Ridin’ Around – Taillights in Chrome, 8-Tracks on Wheels” ... Read More »