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Weekend Warriors: Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

By Lara Kaylor Many people would love to hike the entire 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, but many people also have full time jobs with 2-3 weeks of vacation per year so a six-month trek in the wilderness isn’t realistic. Instead, why not rack up some miles completing sections of the trail on the weekends? A good place ... Read More »

5 Dog-Friendly Hiking Spots in California

shared by Isabella Noyola Take a hike! No really- it’s good for your health – physical and mental. And not just your health but also your best friend’s – the one that’s always eager to hit the trail with you; you know your dog! Wait! Something to know is that not every park or location allows dogs on its hiking ... Read More »

On Catalina Island, All Trails Lead to Fun – Part 2

… This is a continuation of last weeks post about hiking on Catalina Island!  Thank you to the Catalina Island Conservancy. About Hiking on Catalina Island… If you have only a little bit of time to explore the trails of Catalina, we highly recommend the Garden to Sky Hike, which starts at the Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden. Note that ... Read More »

On Catalina Island, All Trails Lead to Fun – Part 1

When it comes to outdoor recreation, Catalina Island fills the bill. And as for hiking, Catalina can’t be beat. No other Channel Island features the diversity that Catalina has to offer. More than 200 miles of trails beckon both the tennis shoe hiker and the experienced trekker. An assortment of loop trails give day hikers a great glimpse at a ... Read More »

Visiting Lassen Volcanic National Park Is A Blast!

Well, back in 1914 or so it was LITERALLY a blast, as the Lassen Volcano erupted almost 300 times in a 3 year span. Today it is visited by hikers and backpackers, hitting the 150 miles of trails, who pass by its many still-active thermal areas. Not many national parks have all of these attractions in one place – geothermals, ... Read More »