Summer Hiking Fun For Kids – A Mother’s Perspective

Kids just want to have fun, isn’t that how the song goes?  If you are worrying about plans for your children with the end of school drawing near, you can learn how to make summer hiking fun for kids by taking some of these suggestions as a starting point. Hiking can be a great family activity, and it also provides exercise and fresh air after all those hours playing video games and texting with their friends!

Smith River in Northern California, photo by Clinton Steeds

Smith River in Northern California, photo by Clinton Steeds

Summer Hiking Fun For Kids – A Mother’s Perspective

Wildlife Exploration

For my kids, one of the most exciting parts of hiking is seeing what animals they can discover. It is like a trip to the zoo without the fences. Whether it is big animals like deer or small creatures like snakes, seeing them up close and personal is something my children enjoy. If you are going on a hike with the kids, check online to see what animals are in the area you will be hiking. Create a list of these animals and see how many of them you can spot on your hike. Just remember to keep quiet so you don’t scare them away.

A Science Collection

If your kids love science and learning new things, a hike can be a great way to collect items to learn more about the area they are exploring. One item they can collect is owl or hawk pellets. These small pellets are what owls and hawks regurgitate after they eat. The pellets consist of indigestible materials such as feathers, fur and bones. I remember as a child dissecting these in school and putting the skeletons together to see just what the owls were eating. Looking for and collecting these pellets can be a fun thing to do while on your hike and will provide a learning experience for the kids when your hike is over.

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This is just one Mom’s ideas for making summer hiking fun for kids.  I used to do a lot of hiking with my Dad, and we would collect different kinds of leaves and then go home and look them up in the encyclopedia to find out more about the trees they came from. You could take pictures of scenery or the animals and birds, then make a scrapbook with them.  I’m sure there are many other ways to make summer hiking fun for the whole family.

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