Pamela Mattson McDonald

Pamela Mattson McDonald

Pamela mWhile a successful, visual artist at the mouth of the Columbia River for twenty years, Pamela Mattson McDonald relied on acute observation, creativity, and a disciplined focus. For the last eight she’s honed these skills to the written word.

Her work is a window on her varied past experience and worldview. She’s also gardened extensively, worked in the merchant marines, cooked in fine restaurants, hiked, climbed, and
traveled the world.

Her work is represented in print and internet media. Pamela is also the author of the Jennifer Harrington Jones Mysteries, available at and I tunes books, As well as the still to be published “Slingin’ Hash and Haulin’ Oil”.



Pamela Mattson McDonald

Mattson Mc Donald’s work has been represented in the following media:

Astoria Cooperative News, Astoria, Oregon- The Regal Thistle, Heirloom Artichokes, June 2014

Rain Magazine, Astoria, Oregon
Fiction – Parade Spring 2014
Essay – The Middle of Somewhere
Spring 2011

Huffington Post Live (
Deployed During the Holidays Interview with Nancy Redd December 19, 2012

The Ship Report ( – Joanne Rideout, Host
Frequent radio show guest since 2007

Grapevine website of AA
It Is a Family Disease September 2012

Daily Astorian Newspaper, Astoria, Oregon
Traffic Alert: Blizzards and Volcanic Ash Ahead September 11, 2009

Sun Magazine
Essay in Change of Heart August 2007

Woodfired Ceramics –Coll Minogue and Robert Sanderson
Contributed writing Pg. 139- 40, 2000

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