New Mobile App Helps Prove Hiking Accomplishments!

At, we are partial to all things Coloradan… That was one of the reasons we were particularly intrigued with a new iPhone app that was created by a company in Summit County (LadyBits Mobile Development).

Panorama of the area around Breckenridge, Colorado.

The new app – Explore More Altimeter App – uses the phone’s GPS system to find the altitude of the summit you just climbed, then stamps the location name along with the altitude (as it relates to sea level) on a picture of you. You could do it on a picture of the area too, but if you are actually IN the picture you have more credibility! Then you can send it on to anyone who may have not believed you when you told them how high you just climbed!!

LadyBits Mobile Development was started by Kristy Lee Gogolen, in 2012. She is a self-taught computer programmer who has been building websites for 10 years. Her business works with companies – mostly in the Breckenridge area – to design and build mobile and standard websites, as well as mobile apps.

Explore More is the first app released by her company, but there will be many others following behind it, including one that is due out next month. Kristy Lee has a team of other programmers and experts that assist her with various projects, and all of them are located remotely. But she knows them all and trusts them to do quality work.

Colorado is considered one of the more “active” states, and living in the Breckenridge area was part of the inspiration behind the Explore More App. There are a LOT of mountain hikers living in Colorado – probably their desire to prove how high they actually climbed encouraged Kristy Lee to create the new app.

The Ladybits website tells you that the app will work best when you are outside, away from tall buildings. It also suggests that you wait for 30 seconds to retrieve the most accurate information, and they remind you that the accuracy is a product of the satellite… which means while fairly close, you cannot count on complete accuracy.

But it could help back you up on the boasting you have been doing about your hiking feats (pun intended)!

And if you are going to take your iPhone out there with you on the trail, and other adventures, you might be interested in having a lightweight case for it that is submersible to over 6 ft deep, and survives drop impacts from over 6 ft high – as well as being resistant to snow, dust, and dirt. LifeProof – a great name!

LifeProof iPhone 4/4S Case White
LifeProof iPhone 4/4S Case White

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