The Longer Hike to Devil’s Bridge in Sedona

The Longer Hike to Devil’s Bridge in Sedona

by Holly Krieger, photographer

So, a couple weeks ago, I had to fly to Chandler for a meeting. I don’t get out to Arizona a lot, so I decided to take took a couple of vacation days and drove up to Sedona.

A very nice park ranger gave me directions to Devil’s Bridge…clearly overestimating my navigational skills and level of endurance. She gave me the local’s scenic route…which is a lovely, but not very well marked trail. As I was hiking along, I kept thinking ‘I wonder if I’m going to find my way back to the car?’ and ‘the map she gave me said this trail was a mile…it sure feels like I’ve walked a hell of a lot more than a mile already, and there don’t appear to be any large rock formations anywhere near here…’.

Turns out, the map indicating one mile, was one mile from the trail head (and most of that mile was uphill)….which started two-plus miles from where I parked. Sigh.

Devils BridgeAnd on the hike back, I was acutely aware that the mountain range I was following on the way in was in a very different place on the hike out, than it was on the hike in. But I couldn’t quite figure out where I went wrong. But the route I was on was rather well populated, so I thought it was a safer bet than trying to find my original trail.

So. My hiking-out trail ended up at a nice larger parking lot with lots of cars, none of which were mine, of course. But luckily, the parking lot was along a road that I’d driven on earlier, so I knew how to get back to my car. And, during the 1.2 mile walk back to my car, I realized where I missed the turnoff to my original trail.

And. Bonus. There were a few houses along the road, so if I got really desperate, I could go cry on someone’s doorstep and, at the very least, they’d call the cops. So, my 2-mile hike turned into more like a 7-8 mile hike. But, I got some cool pictures…because, of course, I was lugging a solid 20lbs worth of camera gear on this little adventure.

That is my story and I am sticking to it!  And the next time that you see a story about someone that mysteriously disappeared in some wilderness somewhere, know that they probably were not TRYING to get lost, and that they may very well have asked for directions from a reliable source…

creepy spiderEditor’s Note: Holly also shared with me a creepy spider that I really wanted to get posted here BEFORE Halloween!  I thought that would be an appropriate time…  Sorry I am late, but you might enjoy this picture anyway!

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