Hiking The 2.8 Mile Breakneck Ridge Loop in New York

Hiking The 2.8 Mile Breakneck Ridge Loop in New York

by Krysti Sabins

breakneck-ridge-unboring-exploring-promo2 (2)Now that summer is fast approaching, it’s time to take on some heartier trails!

For those of you located in the New York metro area, Breakneck Ridge is probably the MOST accessible, popular, and EPIC hike available to you! For those without automobiles, Breakneck has its own train stop on weekends via Metro-North – how convenient!

This is a short but CHALLENGING hike in Hudson Highlands State Park in New York State. This trail is filthy with rock scrambling opportunities and offers an exciting and demanding trip up a craggy rockface.

Before attempting this hike, be sure to pack plenty of water and food not to mention proper footwear. All too often people are stranded along this trail due to lack of preparation and a misunderstanding of what the hike involves.

Even though this loop is a mere 2.8 miles, don’t expect to conquer this trail with a pair of flip-flops and a half-full water bottle – come prepared!

Once you have your necessities, this hike will provide you with a MORE than satisfying workout as well as rewarding panoramas up and down the Hudson River Valley.  For more information on this hike, visit the NY/NJ Trail Conference’s website:  http://www.nynjtc.org/hike/breakneck-ridge-trail

For more information on this hike as well as other Unboring Exploring adventures, visit www.unboringexploring.com. See you on the trail!

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