Guest Contributor Guidelines

Guidelines for Guest Contributors

We are very happy to welcome you as a fellow hiking enthusiast and guest contributor!

Because we know that producing an interesting and engaging article is as important to you as it is to us, we have included some basic guidelines derived from our most well-received submissions.

First of all, we value your expertise in the area of hiking, backpacking or camping. Secondly, we will do everything we can to promote you and your “brand” to our readers!

Here are some important submission guidelines:

  • Your submitted article must not be solely self or product promotional.
  • You must be the original author.
  • Each article’s word count should be about 400-700 words (although tips might be much shorter, and some adventures may be a little more).
  • Write to one person at a time in the language you would use if you were talking to that person face to face.
  • That doesn’t always mean informal language. But it does mean conversational language.
  • We welcome material that you have published on other sites as long as you rewrite the title, the first 2 paragraphs and the concluding paragraph to avoid the Google duplicate content hassles.
  • Please submit your article as an attachment to: We will acknowledge receipt and let you know approximately when your article will appear.

Here are a few content guidelines (you probably already know these, but just in case…)

Our most popular articles have:

1) A Hiking/Backpacking/Camping Tip, How-To, Product Review, Video, or Adventure Story (or just flat-out awesome places you have been!).

2) Pictures to go along with the article are very welcome, but they MUST BE YOUR OWN, ORIGINAL PHOTOS.  Although not required, we encourage you to have your name/watermark on each photo, if you need help with that let us know.

3) Again, your article must not be solely self or product promotional.

We will provide:

  • We will provide an introduction to you (the author) and the article with a link to your full profile and picture on your contributor page and a link to your page (if you have one) under your byline in the magazine body.  Be sure to include a full bio and picture with your first submission. Your profile page is where you can promote yourself as well as your book, product, etc. as long as the product is not the focus of the profile; our readers want to know more and get to know you!
  • We will provide links to your site and product in the profile as well. Check out examples of other contributor bios here (from one of our other sites).
  • In addition to being sent to our subscriber list, your article will be posted in our “Hiking News” or “Product Reviews” section with a footer bio and link to your full profile.
  • We will always provide you with a link and alert you when we publish anything you submit to us. This is not only so you can know when and where your material shows up but allows you to promote the link through your social channels to your followers.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

Sallie Jane Julian

Senior Editor, Mountain Hiking Site


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