Hiking News Briefs

Fairy Chimneys and Other Unusual Rock Formations…

If you have a hankerin’ to go somewhere REALLY unusual, you should consider a trip to Turkey, specifically to Cappadocia – land of the fairy chimneys and cave churches. There was a lot of history that took place in this area – check it out on this short video. Watch the video –  Freaky Rock Formations in Cappadocia, Turkey Read More »

Can Ibuprofen Really Help Prevent Altitude Sickness?

Ibuprofen is a popular pain reliever, known under several brand names including Advil. Ibuprofen has anti-inflammatory properties, which may help with headaches and other symptoms associated with altitude sickness, according to a new study published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine. This should probably not keep people from practicing traditional ways of preventing this condition such as getting used to ... Read More »

What Happens to Bears When Food is Abundant?

This past bear hunting season yielded fewer bears killed (in North Carolina)l  This paired with extra food availability this past year could end up yielding more cubs in the spring. This brings some concern about the number of bear nuisance reports in 2013. Read the entire story here: Mountains could see baby-bear boom in spring   Read More »

Will the Mountains on Hawaii Disappear?

New research has found that groundwater is leaching minerals from the land on Oahu, suggesting that one day the island may be flat. But don’t worry too much, it will take another 1.5 million years or so before it starts to flatten. Read the entire story: Hawaii’s mountains are dissolving from the INSIDE: New study predicts volcanic islands may one ... Read More »