Hiking News Briefs

Hiking Videos for Week of February 15, 2013

This weeks selections go from one weather extreme to another!  We start out in California, hiking on and around the beach, then move on to a Moroccan adventure, and finish up with a lesson on how to use snowshoes, for those that live in chillier climates! Butterflies and Beaches: California Dreamin’ Grab Your Poles and Head to Morocco (Atlas Mountains) ... Read More »

Hiking Videos for the Week of February 8, 2013

In this weeks videos, we looked at the difference between going hiking with a puppy and hiking with an adult dog: Why Hiking With a Puppy May Not Be the Best Idea… …But Hiking With Dogs Is A GREAT Idea! We also looked at hikes in the Utah (Zion National Park) as well as the southeast: The Narrows and Angels ... Read More »

Hiking Video Recap for Week of Feb 1, 2013

As usual, we found several hiking videos to keep you in the mood for hiking! We try to find hikes in different places so you can see which ones you want to visit the most! This week we visit the state of Washington, California, Colorado (our favorite of course!), and last but not least – the lovely state of Hawaii.  ... Read More »

Enjoy These Hiking Videos From Across the Country

We found several great hiking videos this week that we think you will like!  From all over the country – New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Hampshire, then across the country to the famous Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles.  Whether you watch one or watch them all, it will put you into that Hiking State of Mind! Strolling around Lake ... Read More »

Check Out Latest Hiking Videos

This week BestHikingVideos.com has posted videos of the Thousand Steps trail in Pennsylvania , The Alum Cave Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and the Glory Hole Waterfall in the Ozarks.  You can’t go wrong with any of these great hikes – and we shared a picture of the Glory Hole Waterfall on our Facebook page that you ... Read More »