Hiking News Briefs

Try Fall Hiking at Wild Rivers, Close to Taos

The Wild Rivers Recreation Area – close to Taos, New Mexico – is open all year long for Hiking (22 miles of trails are avialble in WIld Rivers). Lots of hikes start around 7500 feet and drop down tothe Rio Grande and Red rivers. You will want to wear layers of clothing in this area, as the wind is blowing ... Read More »

Maui’s FD Rescues Hiker From Waihee Valley Ridge Trail

A 55-year-old man was rescued from the Waihee Valley Ridge Trail on Maui by the Maui Fire Department last Friday morning.  He was rescued by helicopter after running out of water after hiking for two days. He called 911 and told them he was dehydrated and could not complete the hike back out, so was rescued by helicopter.  Read more… Read More »

Thru Hike of AT Provides Relationship Test

A couple that moved from Massachusetts to Maine decided to get to know each other – and discover if marriage was the right next step – by hiking the Appalachian Trail together. Neither of them had ever done any backpacking so they practiced hiking in the area with heavy packs and practiced in their yard with the tent. The trail ... Read More »

Big Island’s Secluded Halape Beach – Hike It!

The Big Island of Hawaii is divided into five districts, and Ka’u is the largest of them. This is where the Hawaii Volcano National Park is located, 600,000 acres of protected land. This is where Halape is located – it is a white sand beach that can only be reached by hiking to it or taking a boat. The Keauhou ... Read More »

Giving Thanks With Every Step Eliminates Worry

When you get anxious, a little mindfulness meditation can be very helpful in halting the downward spiral that worrying can cause. The same sort of meditation can be done while you are hiking, where you can focus on something you are grateful for with each step – this kind of gratitude practice can help you feel happy right now – ... Read More »