Hiking Safety

Chris Clarke: Hiking is a journey, not a race in our hills

Chris Clark is probably not the only person that has moved to Palm Springs for the hiking (and the nice weather of course).  There are trails close to town, and they cover hundreds of miles of undeveloped desert and wilderness.  But you might want to go into it slowly – and make sure you drink plenty of water. Remember, desert ... Read More »

Lewisboro Volunteers Make Hiking Trails Safe After Hurricane

There are many trail systems in the United States that rely on volunteers to help to keep them in good shape, and even to create new ones.  Many eastern trails took a huge hit when Hurricane Sandy came by, knocking over trees and wreaking havoc on the trails. Dangerous areas are handled by professionals of course, but volunteers really help ... Read More »

A Wet Hike Can Be Fun, If You Are Prepared

Hiking in the winter can have its benefits – but you need to be prepared for it, or you will just end up wet, cold and miserable.  There are some trails that stay open year round, but you need to be prepared to handle rain or snow, depending on the conditions.  Suki Reed gives us some pointers. Rain requires waterproof ... Read More »

Approach Fall Hiking Safely

Fall hiking can be very different than hiking in the summer, so it is important to approach fall hiking safely.  Be prepared for the unique conditions that you may encounter during this time of year, and you can extend the hiking season long after summer ends. Approach Fall Hiking Safely Bring extra layers of clothing with you and don’t forget ... Read More »

Hiking Safety Tip #2: Don’t Get Caught In The Dark

Hikers need to be rescued more than you might think.  Last weekend was no exception; as reported by Erik Eisele, there were two different cases of hikers rescued in White Mountains of New Hampshire. These cases highlight Hiking Safety Tip #2: Don’t Get Caught In The Dark. In both of these cases the hikers needed to be rescued after nightfall. ... Read More »