Hiking Safety

Hiking Season Around The Corner: Be Prepared

Even though fair-weather hiking might be off to a late start in the western states this year due to the arrival of some significant snow storms, you can use the time to start planning your hikes for the spring thaw that will inevitably come behind the snow. Along with picking out your destinations for these hikes – which can take ... Read More »

6 Tips For Winter Hiking Safety (And FUN!)

By Cammi Balleck, Ph.D If you live somewhere that there is snow on the ground almost half the year, and you’re like me, you probably want to go hiking, skiing, or snow shoeing and enjoy it. It is a great way to extend your hiking season, and of course, great for your body to have the exercise, however, the winter ... Read More »

Hiking with Children – It’s No Trip to Disneyland

By Honor Boone I don’t have kids myself, but as a female bodyguard, I have frequently been responsible for the safety of small children and teens in locations from the Las Vegas Strip to Yosemite National Park.  And because I can imagine nothing worse than a child coming to harm on my “watch,” I take every possible precaution.  Unfortunately, as ... Read More »

Balancing Common Sense and Technology on the Trail

By Honor Boone It won’t be long before stranded hikers across the country are paying for their own rescues – at least in cases where the victims bear some responsibility for their predicament.  A growing list of state and county search and rescue (SAR) agencies are allowed to request fees to help subsidize their costs.  The reason?  Of course many ... Read More »

Don’t Get Stranded While Hiking This Winter

After the story of a man that went on a 4 day hike and was rescued after becoming stranded – suffering from hypothermia – some tips were offered by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department: Think through your travel plans carefully, and share all the details with family and friends Be familiar with (and carry) GPS, maps, Compass Bring plenty of ... Read More »