Hiking Safety

5 Dog-Friendly Hiking Spots in California

shared by Isabella Noyola Take a hike! No really- it’s good for your health – physical and mental. And not just your health but also your best friend’s – the one that’s always eager to hit the trail with you; you know your dog! Wait! Something to know is that not every park or location allows dogs on its hiking ... Read More »

Making Plans for an Ultimate Hiking Experience

By Clay Hunter You have plans of exploring the terrains on a hike but feel a little apprehensive to begin the trip. Before you set out on the trail in a place like Bryce Canyon, ensure that you are equipped with concrete preparations and knowledge on hiking. There are so many places to see here such as the Navajo Loop ... Read More »

The Woods are a Mirror – Winter Camping Is What We Make It

by Dave Holden The most important tool that you will bring with you into the wild – whatever the season – is your attitude. This becomes readily apparent when experiencing the unique endeavor of winter camping. For example, if you believe it will only be a cold, sloppy, uncomfortable and wet mess then that’s what it will be. On the ... Read More »

Choosing Gear For Backpacking

Backpacking and camping in the great outdoors can be quite an adventure for individuals who enjoy nature and like to be in the wilds. For first-time backpackers, particularly those who are planning to camp in the wilderness, miles from other people, facilities and roads, there is important gear that should be in the backpack and safety guidelines to follow to ... Read More »

How to Manage Water Storage While Backpacking?

One of the most important things to think about when you are hiking – and even more on a backpacking trip – is water.  On short day hikes it isn’t as important as multi-day trips, although you should always bring SOME water with you in case you end up out there longer than you planned. But on a backpacking trip ... Read More »