Hiking Product Reviews

What are Characteristics of the Best Hiking Boots?

Few pieces of gear are more important for backpacking or hiking than your footwear. Hiking boots come in all shapes and sizes, and fulfill numerous functions on the trail. An improper type or fit will sabotage your hiking trip faster than just about anything else, inclement weather included. Below, we will look at the characteristics of the best hiking boots ... Read More »

Online Gear Shopping Guide

By T.J. Fraser Unless your last name is Buffett or Gates, comparison shopping is part of your hiking apparel and gear buying strategy. Most hikers look for that sweet spot where function meets style at a price that makes sense. While a brick and mortar store gives you the chance to try something on, or try it out, you can ... Read More »

Smartwool Socks Keep Your Feet Comfortable All Day

Smartwool hiking medium crew socks are the most perfect socks I have found, both for hiking and everyday wear. I walk a lot, and my feet tend to get sore, but when I wear my Smartwool socks they feel good all day. They wick away moisture, so even if they get wet from walking thru a stream or puddle, they ... Read More »