Regional Hiking

Sneffel’s Highline Trail is a Telluride Classic Hike

By Georgie Bishop, Re:TREAT Location: Telluride, Colorado Distance: 14 miles Elevation Gain: 3520ft Classification: Difficult There is no doubt that Telluride offers some of the most beautiful, inspiring & challenging hiking of anywhere in Colorado. There are literally hundreds of miles of trail that you can access right from town, without needing to get in a vehicle. I’ve been a ... Read More »

Incredible Richness of Summer Life in The Catskills

by Dave Holden As I’ve described in other high-summers, the richness of this time is so visceral, so intensely, physically, in-your-face real, that it is almost hard to believe. Everything is alive – the sky dancing with little lightning-spark fireflies, maybe turned on by real lightning or even the heat-lightning pulsing silently through the summer clouds; the very air itself ... Read More »

West Virginia’s Hidden Hiking Gem: Endless Wall Trail

By Lisa Strader In southern West Virginia some of us hike for fun, some for that sense of peace you can only get from walking through a canopied forest high above the river or right along the banks, and some of us hike for the exercise. Well I have to say I hike for all three! I’m very fortunate to ... Read More »

On Catalina Island, All Trails Lead to Fun – Part 2

… This is a continuation of last weeks post about hiking on Catalina Island!  Thank you to the Catalina Island Conservancy. About Hiking on Catalina Island… If you have only a little bit of time to explore the trails of Catalina, we highly recommend the Garden to Sky Hike, which starts at the Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden. Note that ... Read More »

On Catalina Island, All Trails Lead to Fun – Part 1

When it comes to outdoor recreation, Catalina Island fills the bill. And as for hiking, Catalina can’t be beat. No other Channel Island features the diversity that Catalina has to offer. More than 200 miles of trails beckon both the tennis shoe hiker and the experienced trekker. An assortment of loop trails give day hikers a great glimpse at a ... Read More »