Eastern Hiking

The Promise of Spring: Maximize Your Experience

by Dave Holden THE SEASON AHEAD A couple of days ago I posted an article about the natural goings-on here in Waughkonk in the Spring of 2013. It is a dynamic, rapidly changing season, full of increasing life and light, day-by-day. We have several trails in the area to enjoy. Trails on NYS DEC land include the Overlook Trail with ... Read More »

The Promise of Spring: Finally Fulfilled

By Dave Holden After this very long winter and seemingly endless beginning to Spring, the season of life is finally here – in all of its green glory. No matter how many springs we see (I’ve seen a few) each one is always exciting and unique. We never get tired of Spring. Usually, we don’t get a chance to because ... Read More »

Get Out Of Your Rut And Take A Hiking Challenge!

If you are looking for something new this year, why not check out some of the hiking challenges that are being offered by various hiking groups across the country? Here is a recap of a few of them: 1.  Keystone Trails Association is sponsoring their fifth annual Susquehanna Super Hike and Ultra Trail Run on Sept 7, and registration will ... Read More »

What Does a Moose Sound Like? Volunteer Vacation in Maine

By Tara Lynne Groth The two-story cabin stood in one of the smooth elbows of the Sunkhaze River in the Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. One would think Maine, known for its moose, logging, lobster, and wildlife would have a natural symphony in its central parts during the summer. At least, I thought as much when I registered for a ... Read More »