Eastern Hiking

Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire: Gorge-ous!

The Flume Gorge is an 800 ft natural gorge located in Franconia Notch State Park within the White Mountains of New Hampshire, at the base of Mount Liberty. The granite walls of this gorge were originally molten rock 200 million years ago (give or take a few) which eventually cooled, covered over by glaciers during the Ice Age. Today you ... Read More »

Seasonal Musings From The Catskills: Summer Has Been Crazy

By Dave Holden I sit here on a perfect, warm August evening, windows and doors open, comfortably shirtless as bugs incessantly, tireless crash into the screens, testing our defenses, trying in vain to reach their Holy Grail – light, any light whatsoever, whether it is the inaccessible (unless you’re too slow to close the screen-door) lights in the house or ... Read More »

Appalachian Trail and More: Hiking in Maine

If you have never considered hiking in Maine, this video will change your mind about that! There are so many different places to hike here – there are trails that go along the Atlantic Coast, as well as over mountains. Try Acadia National Park or Baxter State Park, where the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail awaits. Hiking is the ... Read More »

Summer Came Early to Southeast Catskills

By Dave Holden AUGUST IN MAY? The last few days in May were extraordinarily hot, humid and summery, with temps in the 90s, humidity in the same category. Almost all of the same indicators “normally” found around mid-Summer were here – heat and humidity, heat-lightning, thunderstorms and Fire-flies – that amazing full-spectrum panoply of life. I had to keep reminding ... Read More »