Eastern Hiking

Light is Returning (Slowly) to the Catskills

by Dave Holden Happy Cold, Snowy New Year to one and all. As the temperatures struggle to come out of the single digits, and as we unbury ourselves from the first snow-storm of 2014, it is pretty obvious now that this will be a classic southeast Catskills winter. Here in Waghkonk (or, sometimes, Awagkonk – the old, original name for ... Read More »

December Brings Winds Of Change

By Dave Holden As the polar winds of change plunge over the southeast Catskills (along with much of the United States), freezing all before them and casting frosty whiteness about, there can no longer be any doubt that another northern winter is upon us. The desiccated and dried husks of last seasons’ Beebalm, Goldenrod, and Milkweed, bent by those gusts, ... Read More »

Gateway to Winter

By Dave Holden What a difference a few weeks can make! It seems like just yesterday that we were on that magical, bright rainbow-hued cusp of late summer and early autumn where the leaves were newly-turned and brightly-colored. There was still a hint of summerwarmth. Now, much of the brightness has faded from the dried husks of 2013 and cooler, ... Read More »

The Legend of the Catskill Witch

By George Baird and Erica Obey The legend of the Catskill Witch is as old as the gnomes playing at ninepins or the Headless Horseman, having made her first appearance as a postscript to Washington Irving’s tale of Rip van Winkle, where she is described as dwelling on the highest peak of the Catskills, and had charge of the doors ... Read More »