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Tips For Hiking With Kids

When I was a kid (oh so long ago) my Mom had no place to get tips for hiking with kids except my trusty boy-scout manual. I can still remember it today; over an inch thick, weighed in at about 2 pounds and full of how to prepare for almost any adventure a boy could imagine. It was, however, a ... Read More »

Great Smoky Mountains Attractions – Big Creek Campground

One of the Great Smoky Mountains attractions is its assortment of fabulous hiking and camping opportunities. However, if you are anything like me, you probably hate to go camping in large commercial campgrounds or ones that are so far from the main road that it’s an hour hike just to get there. I mean I’m all for “packin’ in” but ... Read More »

Hiking Appalachian Trail

Hiking Appalachian Trail - with bears

Of the many hikes that are on my bucket list, close to the top is hiking Appalachian Trail. We had a limo driver for awhile that lived here in Estes Park, a wonderful woman, who was training to hike the Appalachian Trail with her son. I often think about them and wonder what kinds of adventures they had along the ... Read More »

Kings Canyon National Park Hiking

If you have never had the pleasure of gazing up at a towering Sequoia tree, it is time for you to go Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park Hiking in Northern California. One of my favorite memories as a kid was looking into our View Master at the disk that came with it, depicting some of the “wonders” of the ... Read More »

Hiking in the Mountains – It’s Time!

Welcome to Springtime, the time to start hiking in the mountains after a long winter.  Even here in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the weather has gotten better, and hikers have been flocking to the great town of Estes Park! After spending a lot of time indoors through the winter, it is easy to forget some of the things to ... Read More »