Hiking News

Finding Snakes While Hiking

Have you ever worried about finding snakes while hiking? In particular, poisonous snakes like rattlesnakes? I talk to many hikers who are afraid of snakes¬† – but it is a fact that they are out there too, and I doubt there are too many places out there to hike where there is zero chance of running into snakes. The good ... Read More »

Singing and Hiking In The Rain

I’m singing and hiking in the rain… doo de doo doo… Are you a Gene Kelly fan? I grew up in a household that adored musicals so I’ve seen a lot of them, and Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain was one of my favorites. He immediately jumped into my mind as I was reading this great article about ... Read More »

Packing for Mountain Hiking

It is important to be thorough while packing for mountain hiking. There are many essentials, but the amount you take with you will depend on where you are going, how long you will be there, and what kind of weather you are expecting. This video will quickly show you what you need – it will also give tips on how ... Read More »

Hiking the American Discovery Trail

The American Discovery Trail is a little known trail that runs from Atlantic to Pacific in the United States. Few people have tried hiking the American Discovery Trail from one end to the other, but Kirk and Cindy Sinclair decided to do just that.¬† The trail goes through 15 states, 14 national parks, and 16 national forests, as well as ... Read More »

Hiking Gear Checklist

Most new hikers are unsure of what to take with them on a hike that will take more than an hour – they need a hiking gear checklist. Even folks that have been hiking for awhile can sometimes be unsure of what they really need. You want to strike a balance between taking everything but the kitchen sink just in ... Read More »