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West Virginia’s Grandview Rim Trail – Seen Through New Eyes

by Lisa Strader Have you even taken a guided hike? Although I live just minutes from a National Park and several state parks I had never taken a (free!) ranger led hike. Well this past spring I did, and wow, I would have to say it was not only a great hike, it was interesting and the group learned a ... Read More »

5 Dog-Friendly Hiking Spots in California

shared by Isabella Noyola Take a hike! No really- it’s good for your health – physical and mental. And not just your health but also your best friend’s – the one that’s always eager to hit the trail with you; you know your dog! Wait! Something to know is that not every park or location allows dogs on its hiking ... Read More »

Sneffel’s Highline Trail is a Telluride Classic Hike

By Georgie Bishop, Re:TREAT Location: Telluride, Colorado Distance: 14 miles Elevation Gain: 3520ft Classification: Difficult There is no doubt that Telluride offers some of the most beautiful, inspiring & challenging hiking of anywhere in Colorado. There are literally hundreds of miles of trail that you can access right from town, without needing to get in a vehicle. I’ve been a ... Read More »

Incredible Richness of Summer Life in The Catskills

by Dave Holden As I’ve described in other high-summers, the richness of this time is so visceral, so intensely, physically, in-your-face real, that it is almost hard to believe. Everything is alive – the sky dancing with little lightning-spark fireflies, maybe turned on by real lightning or even the heat-lightning pulsing silently through the summer clouds; the very air itself ... Read More »

West Virginia’s Hidden Hiking Gem: Endless Wall Trail

By Lisa Strader In southern West Virginia some of us hike for fun, some for that sense of peace you can only get from walking through a canopied forest high above the river or right along the banks, and some of us hike for the exercise. Well I have to say I hike for all three! I’m very fortunate to ... Read More »