On The Trail With

Debbie Steinberg Kuntz, MA, LMFT, of Odyssey Outdoors

TJ On The Trail With…, exclusive interviews with Hiking Experts,  By T.J. Fraser “But I don’t WANNA’…..” We’ve all heard that phrase which is often delivered with a bit of a whine and maybe a foot stomp. It comes from our kids, our friend’s kids, nieces, nephews and maybe a stranger’s kid which makes us shake our heads in adult ... Read More »

Disaster and Wilderness First Aid Expert Matt Rosefsky

Mountain Hiking presents another installment of TJ On The Trail With…, a series of interviews with Hiking Experts, just for you!  By T.J. Fraser “Hiking? Are you crazy? NO WAY! I’m not about to get eaten by a bear.” “I haven’t been hiking since I was a kid. I think I’ll throw some trail mix and a water bottle in ... Read More »

Hiking Expert and Author John McKinney

Part One of the series T.J. on the trail with… By T. J. Fraser Widely and appropriately known as “The Trailmaster,” John McKinney is one of just a handful of individuals who can truly be called a hiking expert. For 18 years, John served as the conduit for Southern California residents and trails with his popular weekly column in the ... Read More »