Guest Contributors

Tara Lynne Groth

Tara Lynne Groth is a freelance writer and blogger in Raleigh, North Carolina. As a freelance journalist, her work has appeared in places such as AirTran Airways’ GO Magazine, Blue Ridge Outdoors and Draft. Her articles are often inspired by unique people she meets or interesting experiences, like profiling a climber of the largest mountain in the Western hemisphere, to ... Read More »

Honor Boone

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Honor attended UCLA, then traveled the world for 15 years while working for a major airline.  In 1995 Honor transitioned into the security field, becoming a bodyguard and consultant to Hollywood VIPs, CEOs, and Middle Eastern Royalty.  She graduated from law school in 2010, and currently juggles her security career with the development of ... Read More »

T. J. Fraser

Former athlete, actor and current Public Relations professional, T.J. Fraser is an avid hiker and backpacker throughout Southern California’s many mountain ranges and deserts. Committed to encouraging as many people as possible to enjoy the outdoors, particularly children and their parents, he is currently in pre-production for a television series on hiking for kids which will share tips, tricks and ... Read More »

Elaine Smith

Elaine Fields Smith is an author/publisher in Central Texas with a talent for writing and communicating emotional and entertaining subjects. Humor is her specialty, but spiritual and adventure also figure into her repertoire. A non-tattooed biker chick, she can grill a mean steak and loves to go camping. Her first book, “Ridin’ Around – Taillights in Chrome, 8-Tracks on Wheels” ... Read More »

Cammi Balleck, Ph.D

Cammi Balleck, Ph.D, is a leading Happy Hormone Doctor. She specializes in teaching how to unleash your happy hormones. Cammi graduated in 2003 with a Doctorate Degree in Naturopathic Health. She has been the owner of her own wellness center ever since. She has been a Director at Colorado Northwestern Community College since 2007. Cammi’s passions are helping everyone improve ... Read More »