Guest Contributors

Dave Holden

Dave Holden is the owner of Pathfinder Guided Hikes and Tours, and a New York State DEC Licensed Hiking Guide. Dave has many years of experience hiking in and around Woodstock, New York. He can show hikers places they would miss on their own. Dave started in the guide business at the ripe old age of 5, in Maine where ... Read More »

John C. Robinson

A world-renowned speaker and author, John C. Robinson has worked as a wildlife biologist and professional ornithologist for over 30 years, including stints with the USDA and US Fish & Wildlife Service. He has led bird watching and natural history tours to exotic locations throughout the world and serves on the Board of Directors for the American Birding Association. John ... Read More »

James Kaiser

James Kaiser is an award-winning travel writer and photographer. Believing behind-the-scenes information leads to successful, thoughtful travel, James is dedicated to giving travelers the tools they need to make every moment of their vacations count. The journey that led James to “the best job in the world” started 12 years ago when he was a recent college graduate with no ... Read More »

T. Jensen Lacey

Another one of our guest contributors, author T. Jensen Lacey makes excellent homemade bread (a skill appreciated by many!) and is of Seneca/Cherokee/Comanche descent. Lacey has 12 books, eight book contributions and more than 800 magazine articles to her credit. Lacey’s latest novel, Growing Season 2: Dolphin Summer, has just been released exclusively as an ebook by Abbott Press. Please ... Read More »

Erica Obey

Erica Obey is the author of the newly-released mystery, Back to the Garden, as well scholarly works on folklore and folklorists.  And when  she’s not writing or teaching writing at Fordham University, you’re most likely to find her on a hiking trail.  Her favorite kind of vacation is backpacking across Dartmoor or among the hills of Wales in order to ... Read More »