Guest Contributors

RE:treat – Yoga Inspired Adventure Retreats

RE:treat offers yoga inspired adventure retreats in beautiful mountain locations around the world. Based in Telluride, Colorado, our retreats combine a passion for yoga with a love for the great outdoors. We take our guests to some of the most sought after alpine locations in North America and Europe, offering yoga, hiking and skiing. We love treating our guests to ... Read More »

Snow Mountain Ranch – Winter Park, CO

Located near Winter Park, Rocky Mountain National Park & Grand Lake, Snow Mountain Ranch offers a wholesome environment where friends, families & groups enjoy a tranquil setting and quality time together. You can fill your day and nights at Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA with our programs and activities. Every season brings fun and excitement for the entire family. Whether you ... Read More »

Krysti Sabins

Krysti Sabins is a photographer, videographer, and nature enthusiast with a passion for the environment and entertaining education.  She is the host and creator of Unboring Exploring, a quirky hiking and nature video series designed to get viewers utterly obsessed with the outdoors.  In the series, she travels to various state and national parks both within the U.S. and internationally ... Read More »

Michael Perkins

Michael Perkins is a poet, novelist, and aphorist (a person who uses aphorisms, or short statements of truth or opinion). He has co-authored two books with Will Nixon, Walking Woodstock and The Pocket Guide to Woodstock. Michael has hiked in the Catskills, White Mountains, Sierras, Adirondacks, and in Wales, Mt. Snowdon.  He lives in the mid-Hudson Valley. Read More »

Roberto Calcagno, Founder of Trekking-Alps

I am 28 years old and currently working both as a Hiking guide and as a Telecommunication Engineer with Skylogic, a broadcast enterprise. I was born in Torino and I have always loved hiking in the nearby mountain area, since climbing my first mountain when I was 6.  It was love at first sight! In 2010 I completed a professional ... Read More »